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Cat Ear Infections

Cat Ear Infection Treatment with Your Jacksonville Veterinarian

Ear infections in cats are usually secondary conditions caused by an underlying health problem. Otherwise healthy cats with ear infections often have tiny, dark-colored ear mites living in their ears. A brownish discharge seeping from infected ears that resembles coffee grounds characterize an ear mite infection in cats, along with frequent ear scratching, ear rubbing and head shaking. If you notice your cat presenting these signs of an ear infection, please call your Midway Park, Maysville and Camp Lejeune veterinarian as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

cat ear infections treatment from our jacksonville veterinarian

Other Causes of Feline Ear Infections

In addition to bacterial or yeast overgrowth, feline ear infections can arise from:

  • Buildup of wax within the ear canal
  • Excess hair lining the ear canal
  • Food/seasonal allergies
  • Polyps/tumors in the ear
  • Foreign bodies in the ear
  • Feline diabetes

If your North Carolina vet rules out mites as the source of your cat's ear infection, additional tests will be needed to determine the type of infection so that appropriate medication can be administered.

How Your Hubert Veterinarian Diagnoses Cat Ear Infections

Swabbing a cat's ear and looking at material taken from that swab under a microscope is the standard method vets use to diagnose feline ear infections. The results of this test determine whether antibiotics, antifungals or other treatment medications are prescribed to eliminate the infection.

If a bacterial ear infection does not respond to antibiotics, your Jacksonville, NC emergency vet will perform an ear culture to identify hard-to-treat bacteria requiring special types of antibiotics.

Treatment for Ear Mites in Cats

Your Midway Park veterinarian treats mite infestations with prescription medications applied in the ear or on the cat's skin. Neglecting to treat an ear mite infection in cats could cause rupturing of blood vessels in the ear due to cats constantly scratching their ears or vigorously shaking their heads. Aural hematomas, or ruptured blood vessels in the ear, usually require surgical intervention to stop bleeding of damaged vessels.

Can Ear Mite Infections in Cats be Prevented?

Reduce the risk of your cat suffering ear mites by cleaning the ears thoroughly with cotton balls and a vet-recommended cleaning solution. Check your cat's bedding regularly for signs of ear mites and wash bedding in hot water if you find ear mites in blankets or beds.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Jacksonville Veterinarian

If your cat needs treatment for an ear infection or you need spay and neuter, vaccinations and wellness exams for your cat, please call your Midway Park, Maysville, Camp Lejeune and Jacksonville vet today at (910) 353-1722 to make an appointment.

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