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Dog Ear Infections

Jacksonville Veterinarian Diagnoses and Treats Dog Ear Infections

Ear infections in dogs are typically caused by an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria. Ear mites, excess moisture, allergies and foreign bodies can also contribute to the development of canine ear infections by creating an environment in which yeast or bacteria thrive. Since a dog's ear canal is nearly vertical, moisture and dirt tend to remain in the ear canal, unlike horizontal human ear canals. North Carolina dog owners should also know that most ear infections require antibiotic treatment by a Midway Park or Maysville veterinarian.

dog ear infections treatment from our jacksonville veterinarian

Signs of Ear Infections in Dogs

Symptoms of a canine ear infection may not be noticeable until the infection progresses. Severe ear infections should be treated immediately by a Camp Lejeune emergency vet to prevent partial or full hearing loss.

Call your Animal Hospital of Onslow County to schedule an appointment if your dog:

  • Scratches his/her ear (s) more than usual
  • Has a smelly, yellow or brownish discharge seeping from an ear
  • Has swelling and redness in and around the ear
  • Has visible scabbing and crustiness around or inside the ear
  • Engages in unusual head tilting or head shaking
  • Rubs the infected ear on the floor or against furniture

Advanced ear infections may cause dogs to lose their balance, walk in circles or suffer hearing loss as fluid builds up in the ear canal and affects the vestibular system.

How Your Hubert, NC Veterinarian Diagnoses Ear Infections

By examining your dog's ear with a magnifying tool similar to the device used by a physician, your vet can see if the inner ear canal is inflamed and amount of infectious fluid fills the canal. An ear discharge sample may be taken and examined to determine if the infection is bacterial or fungal. Depending on ear infection type, an antibiotic or antifungal medication is administered to eliminate the infection. Your Jacksonville veterinarian will also clean the ear if necessary. If an ear infection is painful, your dog may need to be sedated to make the process comfortable and pain-free.

Reducing Your Dog's Risk for Suffering Ear Infections

Checking your dog's ears for signs of an ear infection, keeping long hair clipped around the ears and out of the outer ear and cleaning your dog's ears once every two weeks with a cotton ball and vet-recommended cleaning solutions are good ways to keep your dog's ears healthy and infection-free.

Call Us Today To Learn More About Ear Infection Treatment!

Schedule an appointment today with your Camp Lejeune, Maysville, and Midway Park vet for ear infection treatment, spay and neuter procedures, vaccinations and other treatments essential to your pet's health. Call (910) 353-1722.

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