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Allergies With Animal Hospital of Onslow County And How To Manage Them

How miserable do you feel when you're in the throes of an allergy attack? You probably wouldn't wish those respiratory, skin, or digestive symptoms on your worst enemy -- but they can strike your beloved pet. Allergies can seriously degrade your pet's quality of life unless you take steps to ease those issues. Here at Animal Hospital of Onslow County, our experienced vet team can diagnose and treat your pet's allergy symptoms so he can enjoy his life again.

Kitten Sneezing

How and Why Animals Experience Allergies

Humans and pets experience allergies for the same basic reasons. An allergy is simply an incorrect immune system response to a perceived threat. Antibodies created by the body against disease organisms can help wipe those invaders out. But the immune system can also misidentify an innocent substance as a germ, producing a flood of antibodies, and producing large amounts of histamine. The histamine in your pet's body causes common symptoms such as:

  • Runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, breathing problems and other respiratory issues
  • Skin problems such as hives, itching and scabbing
  • Digestive upsets that include vomiting and/or diarrhea

Pets can display allergy reactions to a huge range of stimuli. Airborne substances ranging from mold and pollen to industrial pollutants and household dust can trigger respiratory reactions. Contact dermatitis can occur when the skin is irritated by chemicals or flea bites. Food allergies, an obvious source of digestive distress, can also cause skin and respiratory symptoms, making them a potentially confusing trigger to track down.

Allergy Diagnosis and Relief From Our Jacksonville Vet Team

Bring your allergic pet to Animal Hospital of Onslow County. Our Jacksonville vet team can use a number of techniques to diagnose the specific cause of your pet's misery. These methods may include skin testing and/or blood tests to check for specific antibodies that point to a particular type of allergen. If a food allergy is suspected, we can use a process of elimination to swap out one food ingredient at a time in your pet's diet until we find the culprit. Remedies for your pet's allergy issues may include:

  • Permanent dietary changes
  • Preventative medications to keep pests off of your pet's skin
  • Lifestyle changes to help your pet avoid environmental triggers
  • Respiratory medications such as antihistamines for those unavoidable allergens

Give Your Pet a Happier Life -- Contact Our Jacksonville Clinic

Allergies are no fun for any of us, including our pets. Give your chance a happier, healthier life by calling Animal Hospital of Onslow Country at (910) 353-1722 for allergy testing and treatment. Our Jacksonville clinic can help your pet overcome his allergy challenges!

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