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Dog Ear Diseases

Ear Diseases in Dogs in Jacksonville

Visiting a Jacksonville animal hospital to discuss concerns about your dog's health and well-being requires an understanding of potential symptoms. Ear diseases occur in many dogs and it may require treatment from a veterinarian to address the underlying complications leading to the discomfort.


 A Jacksonville Veterinarian Recognizes Ear Infections 

An ear infection is a common disease impacting a pet's ears and ear health. A Jacksonville veterinarian recognizes possible complications from yeast, bacteria or even insects before taking measures to address the situation.

Common signs of an ear infection include:

  • Redness in and around the ears
  • Odd odors from the ears, including discharge
  • Swelling
  • Scabs or similar sores near and in the ears
  • Scratching the ears
  • Hair loss
  • Gradual or sudden loss of hearing
  • Difficulty with balance

An ear infection is a common problem that a Jacksonville vet addresses with different treatment strategies. It is a general term used to describe problems with the ears that result in inflammation.

Otitis Externa

Otitis externa refers to a type of inflammation in the middle and external parts of the ear. It usually results in an excessive buildup of wax in the ears and it may cause similar symptoms as a basic ear infection. 

A key factor that sets the ear disease apart from basic infections is the repetitive nature of the problem. It usually causes consistent and repeating ear infections, which harm a dog's hearing. 

Otitis Interna

A type of ear disease that takes the problem of inflammation further and causes more complications with hearing and the ear health of a pet dog is otitis interna. Unlike other forms of infections, the location of the infection is the inner ear. Essentially, the inflammation occurs deep within the ear and it causes increased risk of hearing loss and damage to the structure of the ears.

In most cases, pet owners notice scratching, loss of balance or turning the head to the side as a behavioral change from the infection. It usually occurs during a bacterial infection within the ear and it spreads into the inner ear. A Jacksonville veterinarian can usually provide an appropriate medication to address the bacterial infection, but only when a pet owner brings the problem to a vet's attention. In some cases, dogs may vomit or show signs of nausea when an infection of the inner ear develops.

Infections of the ear are most likely to occur in dogs with long ears and long hair on the ears, but it can occur in any dog under certain circumstances if the inner ears are exposed to bacteria or fungus. It may also stem from mites or other insects.

If your Dog In Jacksonville has an ear infection contact us today!

Ear diseases stem from a variety of different situations and concerns. As a pet owner, you want to address potential problems by identifying the problem and seeking treatment at a Jacksonville animal hospital. To learn more about treating ear health conditions in dogs or to set up an appointment to help your dog recover from an ear infection, contact us today (910) 353-1722.

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