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Jacksonville Pet Dental Cleaning At
Animal Hospital of Onslow County

Why do your visit your dentist? Do you prefer having clean, healthy teeth? Do you wish to avoid serious gum conditions that could jeopardize your health? Do toothaches make your toes curl? Well, preventative maintenance is just as important for your pet's teeth as for your own. Just as humans must check in with the dentist at regular intervals, animals also need to see a skilled veterinary dentist. Pet dental cleaning is a huge part of keeping your pet healthy -- and we are proud to offer it here at Animal Hospital of Onslow County in Jacksonville.

Pet Dental Cleaning Recommended by Our Veterinarians

You might scoff at the thought of dog teeth cleaning or cat teeth cleaning as a necessary procedure. However, dogs and cats can suffer from cavity-ridden, cracked or broken teeth and just as humans can and with the same painful results.

Another reason our veterinarians need to check your pet's teeth concerns the very real threat of periodontal disease. In periodontal disease, bacteria attach to teeth and gums in the form of plaque. Plaque itself does no harm, but as it hardens into tartar, it gives the bacteria an increasingly rough surface to grab hold of. The bacteria can then build up and destroy gums, teeth and bone until the teeth rot or fall out. A toothless pet is an unhappy pet! Even more ominously, this bacteria can enter other parts of the body through the gums, causing serious damage to the heart and other vital organs. So, pet dental cleaning is not just a matter of whiter teeth and fresher breath -- it can literally become a matter of life or death for your beloved friend.

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Our veterinarians, Dr. Altman and Dr. Corry can help prevent dental issues for your pets through professional dental cleanings. Dental cleaning for dogs or cats is quick, easy and readily available. A typical pet dental cleaning involves use of an ultrasonic scaler to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and below the gumline that regular brushing cannot remove. After the scaling, we polish the pet's teeth to smooth the teeth and remove any plaque that was not removed during the scaling. The final step is a fluoride treatment that is placed on the teeth and allowed dry to harden the enamel on the teeth. Afterwards, we will examine the pet's teeth and provide you with a report card on your pet's oral health.

We offer not only teeth cleaning for dogs and cats but dental X-rays as well to make sure we stop any problems before they get worse. We can even advise you on proper dental care for your pet, such as which toothpastes to use and how to brush your pet's teeth.
In addition to pet teeth cleaning and preventative maintenance, we also handle dental emergencies. If your pet seems to have trouble eating, pain in the mouth or face, bad breath or a new drooling problem bring it to our veterinarian for an immediate examination. We can relieve the pain, perform an extraction, if necessary, and get those gums back on the mend. Your pet will thank you!

Call us today at (910) 353-1722 or click here to schedule a pet dental cleaning.

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 Dr. Corry has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets.

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