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Jacksonville Pet Grooming Keeps Pets Looking and Feeling Great

Routine Jacksonville pet grooming is essential to keep your dog or cat healthy. Can you imagine how uncomfortable you would feel if you never showered, washed your hair or brushed your teeth? Pets feel the same way. The compassionate and professional cat and dog grooming team at our animal hospital will shower your pets with love and affection, ensuring they feel and look their best.

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Our Jacksonville Animal Clinic Provides Compassionate Grooming for Your Pets

Our Jacksonville animal clinic services include bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and brushing. Routine cleaning helps to keep your pet's coat free from tangles, dirt and other irritants while also removing loose hairs. We groom in all the "hard to reach" places, including behind the ears, tail, flank and chest. Regular bathing prevents many unpleasant pet odors while also reducing the amount of hair that your pet sheds. Our professional cat and dog groomers also look for signs of illness or potential health problems, such as fleas. We use natural, hypo-allergenic bath products that are gentle on sensitive skin and safe for pets with skin allergies.

Grooming Needs for Cats

While many cats naturally groom themselves, some breeds, especially those with long hair, require extra professional assistance. Long-haired breeds are more susceptible to matted, tangled hair. Our professional cat groomer is fully experienced with combing out any tangles and knots, and they can do so in a safe manner that prevents injury while also keeping your cat relaxed.

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Nail Trimming By a Professional Groomer

Your dog's nails should be clipped so they just barely touch the ground when your dog is walking. Depending on your dog's activity level, he or she may need them cut once a month or the nails may naturally be worn down. All cats need routine nail trimmings if they have not been declawed. Some pet owners are comfortable trimming their pet's nails at home while others are more comfortable leaving it to the professionals. If you have an indoor cat that frequently tears up your furniture, you may wish to have your cat declawed. Our veterinarian is prepared to discuss the declawing procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Dental Cleanings

Our animal hospital recommends routine dental cleanings for your pet. The build-up of plaque can lead to gingivitis and other oral infections, which can seriously harm the health of your pet. Regular, at-home brushing is an essential part of preventive care. We know that not all pet owners are comfortable brushing their pet's teeth, however, and we are happy to do so for you during a dog or cat care session.

Grooming can be an anxious experience for any dog or cat, and our professional team is here to help! We keep your pet feeling calm and relaxed throughout the process. And, when it comes to less than pleasant tasks like expressing a dog's anal glands, it is essential that a qualified groomer or veterinarian handle this procedure.

Our Jacksonville animal vet clinic is proud to keep pets from Jacksonville, Camp Lejeune, Midway Park, Hubert, and Maysville looking and feeling their best with our affordable, high-quality care. Call our animal clinic today at (910) 353-1722 or click here to make an appointment and see what a difference our professional groomers can really make for your pet!

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