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Low Cost Pet Vaccinations Key to Pet Wellness Care

4626240.jpgMost pet owners understand the importance of pet wellness care. They make sure their animal sees a vet on a regular basis for checkups and they pay attention to any symptoms the cat or dog may experience. However, we are still routinely asked if low cost vaccinations are necessary.

Vaccinations are an essential part to a pet’s wellness plan. Just as many parents would obtain vaccinations for our children, dogs and cats need them as well. At Animal Hospital of Onslow County, we offer Jacksonville pet owners low cost pet vaccinations including rabies, Parvo, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, heartworm, and booster shots.

Jacksonville Pet Vaccinations Essential for Preventative Care

For those unfamiliar with the term vaccination, it is important to take a look at the basics. Simply put, vaccinations are minor medical procedures that help boost the pet's immune system from certain diseases and disorders. Any person who ever received a shot as a child or a seasonal flu shot has experienced the vaccination process.

Generally, preventative blood work is taken on the cat or dog. Our staff then determines if the animal has any existing health problems that need to be addressed before the vaccination. Next, the animal is given the vaccination, which involves little or no pain for the pet. Finally, pet owners are encouraged to watch the animal for any signs of an adverse reaction within the next day. Should any symptoms occur, such as a change in behavior or vomiting, the pet owner is encouraged to contact our office immediately to determine if the pet needs to come in.

Most cats and dogs will need a series of low cost pet vaccinations per year, usually at their annual pet check-up visit. However, animals that travel frequently and/or those under one year of age may need additional vaccines. Puppies and kittens usually receive their first pet check-up and pet wellness care vaccinations at six to eight weeks of age. Several weeks later they will receive a booster shot that will keep them protected until after one year of age. Common types include rabies vaccinations and boosters. Most areas require all cats and dogs to be current in their vaccinations.

Another concern of many Jacksonville pet owners is the cost of the procedure. They simply feel that any additional cost might be an optional and unnecessary expense. However, vaccinations are a vital part of the pet check-up process and fortunately, we offer many low cost pet vaccinations to ease the burden. By receiving vaccinations, many pets do not contract certain disorders that could cause a higher veterinary bill in the future. This also helps cut down on the pet wellness care bills associated with pet ownership.

Those interested in preventative blood work and/or Jacksonville pet vaccinations may contact our office by calling 910-238-3100.

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