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Pet Dehydration and Heatstroke

Our Animal Hospital of Onslow County in Jacksonville, NC Gives Tips to Avoid Pet Dehydration and Heatstroke

Summer in Jacksonville, NC is often spent outdoors enjoying our beautiful natural surroundings. If you are taking your pet with you, or even when you leave them behind at home, there are a few easy ways for you to help them avoid dehydration and even heatstroke. Our Animal Hospital of Onslow County wants to make sure that your pets are taken care of.

Prevent Pet Dehydration and Pet Heatstroke

  • Always make sure that your pet has fresh, cool water at all times. If you are outdoors, be sure to take regular breaks in the shade and provide cool water for them to drink.
  • Avoid taking your pet outdoors during the hottest part of the day; typically between noon and 2 PM. If you must be outside during these hours, try to stay in the shade.
  • Take your pet for their longest walks during the early morning and evening hours to reduce the amount of time that they are out in the heat.
  • NEVER leave your pet alone in a car, even if you roll down the windows. 
  • Seek treatment if your pet exhibits constant and excessive panting, vomits, appears confused and lethargic, is walking around in circles, or is drooling excessively. These are signs of heatstroke, a condition that must be treated immediately.

If you follow a few common sense tips like the ones above, enjoying the warm Jacksonville weather with your pet can bring a lot of enjoyment to both of your lives. Always make sure that your pet has plenty of water, and be sure that you don't overdo the exercise during the warmest parts of the day. 

Our Veterinarian Team is Here to Help

Dehydration can lead to serious problems with their kidneys that can become life-threatening if not treating completely and promptly.  Heat stroke can be easily avoided by following the tips above, but if they do suffer from pet heatstroke please seek medical attention immediately. The veterinarian team at Animal Hospital of Onslow County is here to treat your pet in the event that they develop one or both of these conditions, but it is our firm belief that prevention is always better than treatment!

Contact the Animal Hospital of Onslow County in Jacksonville, NC Today to Protect Your Pet!

Hot North Carolina weather can often get warm for us, and even more so for our pets! If you are concerned that your pet may be experiencing heat stroke or dehydration, call us right away at (910) 353-1722 to schedule a visit, our facility is conveniently located at 296 Doctors Drive in Jacksonville, NC.

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