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Pet Dermatology

Skin conditions can be caused by any number of ailments and should be seen by a veterinarian trained in pet dermatology.  A veterinarian will be able to get a proper diagnosis and treat the condition with prescribed medication.  Finding a veterinarian that can handle dermatology can be tricky, but luckily the professional team at The Animal Hospital of Onslow County can help.  Below is a brief overview of pet skin conditions and common symptoms.

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What Causes Skin Conditions?

Skin conditions can be caused by any number of ailments.  Most commonly, a pet’s skin conditions are caused by an irritant or allergen.  Pets commonly have allergies that impact the condition of their skin.  Seasonal outdoor allergies, specific allergy-causing household products like soaps and cleansers, and fleas are the leading causes of allergy-based skin conditions in pets.  Skin conditions can also be caused by infections.  Many bacterial diseases appear as a rash on the skin. 

Common Symptoms

The most common symptom people see with their pets is ongoing licking and scratching.  For skin irritations on the face or nose, your pet may try to rub his or her snout into furniture or the carpet.  Many skin irritations occur behind the ears as well, so it is important to fold back and check your pet’s ears, especially in dog breeds with floppy ears.  Also, pets with folded skin, such as pugs and bloodhounds, often get infections in the folds of their skin so it is imperative to regularly check these areas.   Repetitive licking and scratching can cause irritation, missing fur, or even open wounds.  With some skin irritations, you will notice large swatches of missing fur in your pet’s coat.  Further, your pet might have a rash.  Commonly rashes appear on the stomach or areas where the fur is thin already.  

How a Veterinarian Can Help

A veterinarian will do a full evaluation of your pet to determine the cause of skin irritation. The vet will be able to make a diagnosis and determine the cause of whatever skin irritation is present. The veterinarian will prescribe the appropriate medication, which may take the form of a shampoo, topical treatment, or pill.  Antibiotics are sometimes prescribed to fight an infection if the skin irritation is an open wound.  Further, allergies can be treated with simple pills taken daily.  

The Animal Hospital of Onslow County is trained in veterinarian dermatology.  We regularly treat animals with skin conditions ranging from simple irritation and rash to bacterial skin infections.  Our professional team cares about your pet as if he or she were one of our own.  Our office is conveniently located at 296 Doctors Dr, Jacksonville, NC, 28546.  To learn more about the services we offer or to schedule an appointment, call our team today at 910-353-1722.  We look forward to treating your pet to get him or her healthy and happy again.


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