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Pet Senior Wellness

Pet Senior Wellness Care in Jacksonville

pet-senior-wellness.jpgAt Animal Hospital of Onslow County, our Jacksonville veterinary care team is committed to helping your pets enjoy their golden years. Thanks to our pet wellness plans and proactive approach to pet senior wellness, we help pets stay active, healthy and happy. From nutritional counseling to preventative blood work, a senior pet check-up is your pet’s ticket to good health.

Senior Pet Wellness Plans and Exams

The age at which pets are considered “senior” varies based on the pet’s breed size. For example, smaller breed dogs typically live longer than larger breeds. Cats also live longer than dogs. Some larger dog breeds may be considered “senior” at seven years, while others may not be until 10 to 13 years. Cats are typically considered “seniors” starting at 10 years. These are general guidelines; our veterinarian will make a determination based on your pet’s wellness exams.

As your pets age, you may notice a general slowing down in their senses. Response time to sounds, smells and other stimuli increases. Your pet may not be able to jump as high, run as fast or comfortably go up and down flights of stairs. What you won’t be able to see, however, is how your pet is also aging on the inside. That’s why our preventative blood work is important. Diagnostic blood work gives our senior pet care team a “snapshot” of your pet’s well-being. Changes in your pet’s blood work may be indicative of underlying health problems, like a thyroid condition. Early intervention is essential to successfully treating these problems before they lead to bigger health problems.

Common senior health problems include heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, thyroid imbalance and cancer. This is why pet senior wellness exams are so important because early detection truly makes a difference. Just like with puppy and kitten wellness, senior pet wellness starts with a regular pet check-up. During a semi-annual exam, we will also check to confirm that your dog or cat’s pet vaccinations are up to date. Senior pets are more susceptible to contagious illnesses and may be less able to tolerate aggressive treatments. Keeping pet vaccinations up to date offers an important line of defensive against health problems.

Many older pets may also benefit from specially formulated diets. The right balance of nutrients can help prevent obesity and reduce the risk for problems like heart disease. Our vet will make specific recommendations based on your pet’s needs.

From puppy and kitten wellness to our senior pet wellness plans, our Jacksonville veterinary care team is committed to keep your pets healthy at each stage of their lives. Contact our team today!

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