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Pet Dental

Pet Dental from our Onslow County Veterinarian

Pet Dental

When you're going through your mental checklist of the many types of health and wellness care your dog or cat needs, from vaccinations to parasite prevention, it can be all too easy to forget about the state of his mouth. Dental diseases, disorders, and injuries can plague your pets just as they also threaten your human family members. Fortunately, the right veterinarian in Jacksonville can help your pet maintain a high level of dental/oral health and comfort -- and here at Animal Hospital of Onslow County, all three of our experienced vets are more than up to the task.

Common Pet Dental Concerns

Dogs and cats experience many of the same health challenges as humans, and dental challenges are among those similar issues. But pets have the disadvantage of not being aware of dental problems or the need for dental hygiene, which makes them dependent on the vigilance of their owners and veterinarians. The most common affliction that affects pets' dental health is periodontal disease. This disease, which is present to some degree in most older adult animals, begins when plaque hardens into a stubborn substance called tartar. As bacteria feed on the tartar, they elicit an inflammatory response in the gums and connective tissues surrounding the tooth, leading to pain, swelling, bleeding, infection, and eventual loss of teeth. Other serious concerns include:

  • Oral Cancer - Oral cancer can grow in your pet's mouth quickly and aggressively long before you might spot any lumps or other changes. This disease can cause functional problems, deformity and (if cancer spreads) possibly death.
  • Infections - Pets can get cavities too! These holes in the dental enamel open a doorway to agonizing infections that may fester in the tooth root and jaw bone. The bacteria can even migrate to vital organs.
  • Injuries - If your pet's teeth become cracked or broken, chewing may be painful or even impossible. To make matters worse, bacteria can enter through the opening in the enamel.

Pet Dental Cleaning, Evaluations and Treatment 

Pet dental cleaning and evaluation is a smart preventative strategy for keeping your pet in optimal health. Teeth cleaning under anesthesia allows your veterinarian in Jacksonville to scrape away even the toughest tartar, discouraging periodontal disease. At the same time, we can take X-rays and examine your pet's oral cavity in detail for any signs of oral cancer or tooth problems that require immediate care.

Our clinic is also happy to serve as a resource for dental advice and counseling. For instance, we can instruct you in home teeth cleaning practices, such as brushing your pet's teeth and giving him tar-control chew toys, to minimize tartar buildup between visits.

Schedule Dental Care With Your Veterinarian in Jacksonville

Animal Hospital of Onslow County can help your pet enjoy a happier, healthier, more comfortable life, one tooth at a time. Call (910) 353-1722 today to schedule dental services with your Jacksonville veterinarian!

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