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Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming at the Animal Hospital of Onslow County

With years of combined veterinary experience, the team at the Animal Hospital of Onslow County knows the importance of keeping your family pets happy and healthy with preventative care. Regular pet grooming appointments with our veterinarian in Jacksonville are an important step in keeping your dog or cat healthy. Just like us, pets need to have their coats regularly washed, their fur combed and their teeth brushed! Each one of these pet grooming steps is vital in improving their overall health and well-being, ensuring that they always feel their best.

pet grooming

Benefits of Grooming Your Pet

When your pet looks good, they feel good too. Feeling happy and well cared for is something that is truly important to your pet’s overall health. Good grooming is an essential preventative care process that helps to stimulate blood flow to the skin and creates a healthy coat. Additionally, regular dental cleanings with our veterinarian in Jacksonville, as well as at-home cleaning is the best way to protect your pet’s teeth as they age.

Grooming Services Offered from Onslow County Vets

Shampoo and Haircuts for Cats

Regular shampooing and haircuts are especially important for long-haired breeds, who are more susceptible to tangled or matted hair —which can be painful and cause sores on the skin if left to worsen.

Shampoo and Haircuts for Dogs 

Depending on the breed of your dog, certain specialized dog grooming techniques may be needed to keep their skin healthy and their coat looking great. Whether your dog has lots of long hair that need regular trimming or they have dense fur that doesn’t wash as easily as others, our professional grooming services can help to make them look and feel their best.

Nail Trimming for Cats and Dogs

Your dog’s nails should be maintained at a length that makes sure they are barely touching the ground as they walk. Depending on their activity level, their nails may need to be trimmed at least once a month. Additionally, trimming or capping your cat's nails is a safe alternative to de-clawing. Luckily, this difficult cat grooming step is no challenge for our experienced team!

Dental Cleanings

Your pet’s oral health is something that shouldn’t be ignored as they grow older. While many breeds will naturally have dental issues, all family pets will greatly benefit from regular teeth brushing at home and dental cleanings from our veterinarian in Jacksonville. With regular dental care, you can help your pet avoid common oral health issues like gingivitis, tooth loss, and other oral infections.

Schedule an Appointment with our Jacksonville Veterinarians

Don’t let pet grooming become something that your family avoids! Our experienced and welcoming team is here to help take the stress away and ensure that your family pets always look and feel great! Call (910) 353-1722 or visit the Animal Hospital of Onslow County online to schedule a pet grooming appointment today!

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