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Grooming FAQ

Answers About Grooming from Our Jacksonville Veterinarian

You probably already know that a nice bath can make your pet look nicer and smell better -- but did you know that grooming is actually important for your pet's health and well being? When performed under the supervision of a skilled vet, grooming can help reveal problems that require treatment while preventing future health concerns from occurring. That's why our Jacksonville veterinarian at Animal Hospital of Onslow Country offers veterinary grooming as one of our many valuable services. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the role grooming can play in an animal's health.

  • pet grooming in Jacksonville, NCWhat does pet grooming include? Grooming services can vary slightly from provider to provider, but any good service will provide all the essentials. Our pet grooming service includes bathing, brushing, toenail trimming and dental cleaning.

  • How does bathing help optimize my pet's health? Bathing removes dirt and oil that can promote bacterial growth, as well as any pests trying to hitch a ride on your beloved friend. It also lets us get a good luck at the health of your pet's skin and notice any conditions that require treatment.

  • What role does brushing play? Brushing your pet's hair can provide some important benefits. For one thing, untangling those mats of hair can make it easier to clean both the hair and the skin underneath. If your pet has a double coat, brushing can help him stay cool in the warmer months. 

  • What's the purpose of regular ear cleaning? Animal ears are vulnerable to invading dirt and pests, especially ear mites. Ear mite infestation can lead to obsessive scratching, which damages the ear and increases the odds for serious ear infections. Our vet can inspect and cleanse your pet's ears periodically to keep this from happening, or prescribe treatment if an infestation is already underway,

  • Why do cats need grooming even if they bathe themselves frequently? Cats may be highly efficient at licking themselves clean, but no cat tongue can deal with matted clumps of hair. This is a special problem for long-haired breeds whose coats may tangle at the slightest provocation.

  • Why it is so important to keep my pet's toenails trimmed? Unkempt toenails become too long and sharp for their own good. This not only can ruin your hardwood floors, but it can also injure your pet if a toenail catches on something and rips away from the nail bed. 

  • Why are dental cleanings included with the grooming service? Dental health is so important for your pet that we include it in our grooming service. We can only brush your pet's teeth but show you how to do the same at home.

Schedule Grooming With Our Veterinarian in Jacksonville

Now that you see how important grooming can be, why not schedule a session for your pet? Contact our veterinarian in Jacksonville today, and let us keep your pet looking, smelling and feeling his best!

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