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Licensing Your Pet in Jacksonville, NC

Have you had your pet licensed? Some pet owners skip this important step, but it can bring added benefits and peace of mind for pet owners, especially if the pet is frequently outdoors. Your veterinarian and emergency vet in Jacksonville, North Carolina recommends pet licensing just as they do spay and neuter services. Pet owners in the Camp Lejeune, Midway Park, Hubert and Maysville should also consider pet licensing. 

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Why should I get my Pet Licensed?

Licensing your pet brings an extra layer of safety and security for your furry family member. When they are registered, they are in the system and easier to track and recover if lost.

Where can I get my Pet Licensed?

Pet licensing for your Jacksonville, North Carolina pet can be completed either online or by mail. The specifics may vary from city or municipality, but most areas try to make it as easy as possible to license your pet. Whether you live in Camp Lejeune, Midway Park, Huberto or Jacksonville, NC, you should find the website related to pet licensing online so that you can learn the specifics of what is required to license your pet.

What are the Costs Associated?

Costs for licensing your pet can vary based upon location and in some cases the status of your pet. In Jacksonville, NC it costs $20 per year to license a pet. However, in other areas the cost can vary; for example, in Charlotte, NC a pet that has been spayed or neutered costs $10 to license for one year. If they have not been spayed or neutered, the cost is $30 per year. Some areas will reduce the cost per year if you pay for 2 or 3 years all at once.

How often will I Need to Renew?

The frequency with which you need to renew your pet’s license varies as well, but in most areas, it must be renewed annually. It is your responsibility to pay the associated fee and keep your pet’s license current, valid and paid for each year. Paying a few years ahead in areas where this is allowed can help to reduce costs and effort required to manage the renewal process

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Jacksonville, North Carolina veterinarian Animal Hospital of Onslow County strongly recommends having your pet licensed, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. This important step can bring added peace of mind for pet owners and a higher likelihood of being reunited with your pet if they are lost.

Your emergency vet in Jacksonville, North Carolina also recommends spay and neuter services to save on licensing fees in some areas. Pet owners in the Camp Lejeune, Midway Park, Hubert and Maysville should also strongly consider pet licensing.  

THIS ---->https://www.onslowcountyvets.com/services/pet-licensing.html

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