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Orthopedic Pet Surgery

The Animal Hospital of Onslow County provides a comprehensive range of veterinary services, from wellness and preventive health care to specialized veterinary medicine, including pet surgery. Orthopedic surgery is among the specialties of our veterinarians in Jacksonville.

Orthopedic surgery involves procedures to treat disorders that involve pets’ bones, joints, muscle tissues and ligaments. Our hospital is equipped with radiology equipment that aids our veterinarians in diagnosing orthopedic problems.

Our veterinarians perform orthopedic surgical procedures for treating bones broken in accidents as well as treating orthopedic conditions that may have a link to genetics.

Common Types of Orthopedic Pet Surgery That We Perform

Two of the more common orthopedic conditions treated through surgery by the veterinarians of Animal Hospital of Onslow County are hip dysplasia and rupture of the cruciate ligament.

Hip dysplasia is a congenital condition – that is, has existed since your pet’s birth. It is more common in larger breeds of dogs. Untreated it can lead to lameness and painful arthritis of the joints. In this condition, the ball of the femur, the bone of the upper part of the leg, does not fit or move properly in the socket of the hip bone. The condition, which generally appears in dogs by 18 months of age, varies from pet to pet – from mildly troublesome to crippling. But orthopedic pet surgery can treat and alleviate the condition.

Rupture of the cruciate ligament (the canine equivalent of the human ACL tear) is the most common knee injury in the dog, and it generally results in one of two ways. It can happen suddenly in young, active dogs when they’re playing roughly. They just turn the joint wrong while playing. And it can also happen in inactive pets that become overweight, putting strain on the ligament.

Before any surgical procedures, your veterinarians in Jacksonville will complete an orthopedic exam and take x-rays to determine the extent and characteristics of the orthopedic condition. Today’s state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology provides veterinarians a very clear, detailed view.

Also before surgery, blood tests are performed to check for other underlying health conditions that could affect surgery and the anesthesia process.

Dr. Altman and Dr. Corry of the Animal Hospital of Oslow County have extensive experience in pet surgery. They use the latest in surgical equipment and follow strict sterilization protocols to prevent infections.

They take great care in explaining surgical procedures to pet owners so they know what to expect during and after surgery -- and how to take care of their pet when it comes time to go home. And we are always available after you return home to answer any questions you may have.

For more information about orthopedic pet surgery or other types of surgical services performed by our veterinarians, call us at 910-238-3100.

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