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Spay and Neuter

Spay and Neuter Surgery with Your Jacksonville Veterinarian

You’ve always heard how you should get your pets spayed or neutered, but have you ever wondered why? Perhaps you’ve held off because you’re worried the surgery may be too risky. If you choose a trusted veterinarian in Jacksonville such as Animal Hospital of Onslow County for your pets spay and neuter surgery, you can ensure they’re in the best hands possible. Here’s everything you need to know about this common surgical procedure.

spay and neuter

What Does a Spay and Neuter Procedure Entail?

A spaying and neutering procedure entails a surgery that prevents your male and female pets from reproducing. The testicles of the male animal are detached during a neuter surgery. The ovaries and uterus, also known as the reproductive tract, are detached from a female animal during a spaying surgery.

The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

There are countless benefits to spaying and neutering your pet, which is why this practice is so highly recommended. Here are the many benefits of this procedure:

  • You save money over the lifetime of your pet. You don’t have to pay for your pregnant cat or dog and you don’t have to worry about raising puppies. This puts more money in your pocket. Your vet bills will also be significantly lower without puppies or kittens around.
  • You may notice fewer behavioral issues in your pets. When pets are not spayed and neutered, they often want to find mates and assert their dominance. This may lead your dog to awkward humping of anything and everything (even people). Cats may be likely to spread their urine. When pets are spayed and neutered, these behaviors pretty much stop.
  • Your pet will be happier to stay at home. In the quest to reproduce, animals can do crazy things, like leave the comfort of your home to locate a mate. Finding a lost pet can be difficult, especially if they’re not microchipped.
  • Cats will avoid a hormonal cycle referred to as being in heat. During this phase, cats can be ultra-affectionate and clingy. They may also be louder, making them annoying houseguests.
  • The biggest benefit is the extra years added to your pet’s lifespan. With fewer instances of prostate issues, testicular cancer, breast tumors, and uterine infections found in cats and dogs, pets are healthier and happier.

When You Should Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered

Both cats and dogs can receive spaying or neutering procedures. According to the ASPCA, cats and dogs can receive this procedure at the eight-week mark. Pets are often under anesthesia during a spay and neuter surgery and thus do not feel any pain.

About Animal Hospital of Onslow County, Your Jacksonville Veterinary Center

If you’re thinking about getting your pet spayed or neutered, contact us at Animal Hospital of Onslow County, your Jacksonville veterinary center. Our veterinarian in Jacksonville specializes in spay and neuter surgery as well as treating skin conditions in cats, gastrointestinal treatments, pet grooming, anesthesia, pet senior wellness, other pet surgery, pet dental care, vaccinations, and pet wellness care.

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To learn more about any of our services or schedule an appointment for spaying and neutering surgery today, please call us at (910) 353-1722 or visit us at Animal Hospital of Onslow County on 296 Doctors Drive.

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